Translation Service

We specialize in IT and localization

At ABES, we select our translation techniques flexibly, in order to match our client’s needs, covering everything from IT related technical documentation to presentation materials.

The following are some examples of our translation services. In addition to these, we provide a wide range of IT related translation. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

User manual translation

We are specialists in IT and localization, meaning that there is very little need to rewrite specialist terminology. Once our translation service begins, the burden on our client’s own staff is reduced, freeing them to proceed smoothly with other tasks.

Press release translation

We receive many requests for press release translations with the highest urgency. We have a rich and full track record in this field, so rest assured that we can handle the characteristic phrasing of press releases.

Marketing materials translation

When translating from one language to another, sentence length may change from the original, thus spoiling the visual appearance. In marketing materials, visual impact is extremely important. That is why we pay particular attention to balance, etc., in our translation.

Organizational diagram

Localization process

Translation pre-processing

Analyze translation specifications, glossaries and a source text to be translated.Prepare TM (Translation Memory) and a database for Word Macro processing, and others.

Meeting among our project manager, editor and translators

Kickoff meeting for the confirmation of way to proceed the project, specifications and terminology.Where necessary, recieve explanations from the customer on software to be localized.

Translation by TRADOS

We use TRADOS unless otherwise ordered by customer. Using old versions, or previously translated texts, realizes cost saving in translation, faster translation work and homogenous quality maintained throughout translations from old to new veresions.

Primary check (Verifying items specified by the customer)

Check for any omission in the translation, agreement of the translation with the specifications, glossaries and others. This is made using tools including Word Macro.

Secondary check (Verufing contents translated)

Standardize words and terms not listed on the glossaries so that the translation is easier to read and understand. Also, check is made for any errors in the original English text.


Includes DTP and file conversion. Marks that are added in different Macro processing steps are deleted.
DTP processing and conversion to delivery file format are conducted.

Provisional delivery (Check by the customer)

We ask the customer to check if the translation is correct linguistically and accurate technically.

Reflect the customer’s check result in the translation

Result of the check by the customer is reflected in the translation.

Final delivery

The following is delivered finally to the customer
– Files of the translation in a file format ordered by the customer
– Glossary of newly adopted terms (option)
– Translation memory in accordance with the delivery files (option)

Please feel free to contact us at the following address for translation quotes or to discuss projects, etc.